Artist Spotlight: Alex Rohrig

April 12, 2022

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Interview with Alex Rohrig:

What inspires your creativity?

Alex: I’ve always been inspired by the world around me. I think it’s because it’s what I know best. When I become familiar with a place I start to notice things that I didn’t see before. These seemingly ordinary things start to become interesting to me and then make me want to paint them.

How did you get started creating art?

Alex: I would always paint and draw with my Mom from a very young age. I also had a very talented Grandfather who was a wonderful cartoonist who I loved to draw with when we’d visit him.

Your work seems very influenced by the outdoors and wildlife. What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Alex: I love the outdoors! Nature is so amazing and radical. I love the ocean and the forests the most. In both places you can find a sense of quiet and solitude.

Where is your favorite spot to surf?

Alex: I learned to surf on the Eastside of Santa Cruz, so my heart will always belong to Sewers and Pleasure point.

Artist Statement

I paint compositionally complex paintings that draw upon a wealth of spiritual, intellectual, and natural sources for my inspiration. There are visual and tactile elements to all my work along with a focused narrative of farm life - horses, pigs, dogs, sheep - as well as the immigrant workers who work the land. My paintings depict a relationship element between human interaction with the natural world and our place in it. Farm life is chaotic, violent, noisy and full of hard work. It is not ideal. It's not Eden.

I also aim to capture the essence of the spirit in my animal sculptures, making them come alive for the viewer. I respond to the wood or stone by handling it, turning it around, and letting it speak to me. Certain materials want to be something and their message is transferred through touch and viewing them from different angles.

All my work draws you into the story I am telling. There's a visceral energy displayed of the hard work between animals and people. It transcends the commonplace and transports you to the power that holds the universe together.

Alexander Rohrig studied art at the University of California Santa Cruz. He completed an internship/ mentorship with artist Jane Rosen in San Gregorio, California. He is currently represented by Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho