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Canu Canteen 22 Fl Oz. Water Bottle Neoprene Case Carrying Strap Orange

$ 40.00

Designed for hikes, not cupholders.

A lightweight 22-ounce bottle made to be worn and wandered with. Nestled within a neoprene case, this canteen is made for the challenges of everyday possibilities, posing the question: CAN U? The case sustains stretch and flexibility, providing a handy pocket for your everyday necessities.

We use reclaimed climbing rope from local gyms here in Denver, Colorado. We learned that after just a few weeks of use, climbing rope is retired for safety reasons. We find this would-be-garbage rope to be nicely broken in and makes the perfect strap for slingin’ water. Our case is made from the world's only Forest Stewardship Council Certified neoprene. The spongy stuff that makes up the case is a plant-based rubber developed by Yulex and the outside is covered in stretchy recycled fabric. Our BPA free polypropylene bottle is dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime. Put this all together and we’ve got a canteen we can feel good about.

The Canu Canteen. Carry 22 Fl oz. of water hands free. Bottle made from BPA free PP Plastic. Yulex eco-friendly neoprene caring case and braided rope strap made from recycled climbing ropes. Easily slip your smart phone, keys or other belongings in the stretchable case to make your trip easier.