Outerknown La Mer Long Sleeve Stripe Tee - Outerknown women's shirts

Outerknown Recycled Denim Project Long Sleeve Tee Recycled White

$ 68.00
Outerknown Recycled Denim Project Long Sleeve Tee Recycled White
This shirt is made from recycled blue jeans! Outerknown has turned denim scraps into new textiles, reducing our environmental footprint, saving loads of water, and keeping a good thing going. A classic boatneck shirt with an easy, cropped fit and rolled hem. Throw it on with jean shorts for one of our favorite warm-weather looks. The recycled denim brings some subtle texture for a homespun feel. This soft, nautical stripe is from the actual denim — no dyes used!
75% recycled cotton and 25% cotton.

Item No: 2280008

The New Denim Project is a sustainable design lab with a closed-loop manufacturing process that uses minimal water and energy.

Each piece in this collection is 30–80% recycled cotton made with pre-consumer denim scraps that would otherwise head to landfill.

Even the cottonseed and cotton lint, leftovers from the recycling process, are passed on to coffee growers.

Due to the unique nature of the recycled denim fibers used in this garment, colors will vary and no two are exactly alike.