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Khordz Mug x Berdels Wide Mouth Mug 16oz Solar

$ 25.00

Khordz Mug x Berdels Wide Mouth Mug 16oz Solar

Khordz mugs are a handy companion for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA by our buddies Khordz Mugs.

16 oz. wide mouth food grade heat-resistant glass canning jar

20 ft. of mold/mildew resistant 550-pound load rated quick drying paracord. Made in the U.S.A.

Constructed with a 16 ounce wide mouth mason jar and one 20 ft piece of super strong, 550lb Paracord. The hand-wrapped sleeves and integrated, hand-knotted handle create a remarkably comfortable and sturdy grip while insulating your favorite beverage. The ergonomic design and durable, easy-to-clean glass feel at home in your hands and ready for adventure anywhere. 

All mugs come with a white lid.