Uroko Fisherman Short Sleeve Tee Heather Grey

$ 32.00

Uroko Fisherman Short Sleeve Tee Heather Grey

The Story:

If you grew up in a fishing or seaside community you have probably met someone like this guy before. I grew up with a bunch of crusty cats like this. Ironically, this drawing ended up looking a little like my younger brother (if he was older) ... who is turning into a crusty sea dog himself.  These fisherman put their time in on the water. They have weathered many storms (both financially and naturally). And, they are a wealth of knowledge for younger guys who want to dedicate their lives to the water. These guys are true Legends of the Sea.


60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester

Super Soft (Nothing worse than wearing a tee that feels like cardboard.)

Pre-shrunk (minimum shrinking after washing)

Printed with water based ink for a non obtrusive feel.