Uroko Albacore Short Sleeve Tee Heather Grey

$ 32.00

Uroko Albacore Short Sleeve Tee Heather Grey

The Story:

If you like to eat tuna, then there is a very good chance you have tried albacore. Known as "chicken of the sea", different species of albacore can be found all over the world. Here in Santa Cruz, California we have to work hard to catch our albacore. The albacore typically can be found between 35 to 60 miles off our coastline, which means a lot of boat time in typically very windy seas. This t-shirt honors all of those sport fisher people who have powered it out and put in the long hours to bring home their prized fish to feed their family.


60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester

Super Soft (Nothing worse than wearing a tee that feels like cardboard.)

Pre-shrunk (minimum shrinking after washing)

Printed with water based ink for a non obtrusive feel.