Uroko Birch Bay 7 Panel Hat Black - Uroko hats
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Uroko Rainbow Trout Foamy Trucker Hat Black

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Uroko Rainbow Trout Foamy Trucker Hat Black

This hat features original artwork done by local high school graphic design teacher Alex Schaffer-Czech.

His brand Uroko features many designs influenced by Alex's love of the ocean, fish, and water.  "uroko" means "fish scales" in Japanese. Uroko celebrates the people who find peace in ocean fish, and water. 

If you have a larger head, then this hat may not be for you.  I prefer hats with a 4" rise (think of this as the depth of the hat.) Our regular truckers have a 4" rise. We find that this hat tends to fit women and younger people very well. 

60% Cotton / 40% Polyester 

One size fits most, adjustable.