Uroko Dorado Tee Indigo - Uroko t-shirts

Uroko Dorado Short Sleeve Tee Indigo

$ 32.00

Uroko Dorado Short Sleeve Tee Indigo

Dorado. Dolphin fish. Mahi mahi. No matter what you like to call these beautiful fish, they are truly amazing creatures.

If you have been fortunate enough to catch one of these, you have witnessed the amazing color changes that they flash while in the water and on the boat deck (if you landed it). When I drew this fish, I wanted to show this color change, while not making the tee too loud. The combination of the indigo color tee with the water based ink print came together in a way that represents the fish well I feel. There are a lot of dorado tees out there, but this is one I would actually wear. If you know my art and design, I try to cater to the tastes for those of us who don't like things too flashy or loud. Being that this is a loud fish, I think I pulled it off on this one.

Tee is 60 cotton / 40 Polyester


Modern Fit

Super soft