Uroko White Sea Bass Tee Silk

$ 32.00

Uroko White Sea Bass Tee Silk

The Story:

White seabass or white weakfish, Atractoscion nobilis, is a species of croaker occurring from Magdalena Bay, Baja California, to Juneau, Alaska. They usually travel in schools over deep rocky bottoms and in and out of kelp beds. I have had more luck seeing them while surfing, than catching them while fishing. Spear fisherman tend to get luckier with the hunt. This tee was drawn from a white sea bass that a good friend of mine shot (and later ate) a few years ago.


60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester

Super Soft (Nothing worse than wearing a tee that feels like cardboard.)

Pre-shrunk (minimum shrinking after washing)

Printed with water based ink for a non obtrusive feel.