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Uroko Yellowtail Short Sleeve Tee Heather Forest Green

$ 32.00

Uroko Yellowtail Short Sleeve Tee Heather Forest Green

The Story:

I have always loved fishing for yellowtail.  Whether I am throwing irons at them on a party boat out of San Diego, or dropping jigs down to 200 feet out of LA Bay in the Sea of Cortez ... I am always having fun fishing. When it comes to eating them ... hamachi sushi, breaded and baked, or as grilled fish tacos ... so delicious. 

For those that don't know this, yellowtail are actually in the jack fish family. A lot of folks think they are in the tuna family. Next time you are eating at your favorite sushi restaurant, you can correct your friends and gain rights to the last piece of sushi on the table.


60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester

Super Soft (Nothing worse than wearing a tee that feels like cardboard.)

Pre-shrunk (minimum shrinking after washing)

Printed with water based ink for a non obtrusive feel.